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New short film about Nick Caves song 'Halleluja'

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New short film about Nick Caves song 'Halleluja'

Beitragvon Moska » Montag 14. September 2015, 14:37

A short film about fighting inner demons honors Nick Caves song 'Halleluja'

The Norwegian film director Helene Kjeldsen has for a long time been inspired by Nick Caves blues, gospel, rock and arty post-punk songs that are notoriously famous for dealing with subjects such as religion, death, love, addiction and violence. His song ‘Hallaluja’ is an intense song about the choice between right and wrong as well at the existential pain it can imply. Many believe that Nick Cave wrote the song when he was in rehab for heroin addiction and experienced his own survival instincts win the battle over the self-destructive temptations. The song ‘Halleluja’ became Helene Kjeldsen inspiration to create new short film about exactly this.

And so the story begins. A poet is admitted for an abuse problem and is under the eye of a strict nurse being his only salvation. Back in his little wooden cabin in the outskirts of a mountain village, the Poet gets foolhardy and gives the nurse the weekend off. Hit by an acute lack of inspiration the Poet’s mind starts to wander… away from the narrow safe road. Only dressed in his pajamas and deep down knowing that what he’s doing is wrong, he leaves the village. He is drifting, yet seems strangely determined to head for some sort of abyss. Having walked for a while, becoming drenched and cold, he sees a beautiful woman next to a little house and suddenly he realizes that all his secret dreams lie within that house.

He hesitates. However his shadow does not. He steps inside the tiny house, passes through its wonderful halls to finally reach an opium den. He is invited to join in. Knowing that his nurse (or his self-preservation instinct) would never approve of this, he pauses at the threshold; he makes his choice – and this is the essence of the story – the will to survive; will the poetry be able heal his profound existential pain?

The film director Helena Kjeldsen was spellbound when she first heard the song back in 2001 and says: “The struggle against the dark forces within yourself and the urge to drift astray are universal human instincts, and though I feel like a girl scout compared to the personal story of the composer, I strongly identify with the overall theme of Hallelujah”.

The short film uses the song as soundtrack, and is a mixture of animated dolls, eccentric scenography, archaic landscapes, and real film, that describes the inner journey of the tormented poet in a short but genuine film kick.

The animation displays the Poet’s mental state and the scenography illustrates the unwieldy structures in the corners and the blind alleys of his mind. The atmosphere is nervous and loaded with feelings; the landscape is archaic and marked by his merciless battle against the forces of his own nature. The puppets artistically illustrate this emotional universe as they move around dynamically, rhythmically, and tensely. He is torn; on one side he is driven towards destruction, tormented by his need to soothe his existential pain in a drug-fuelled frenzy; on the other side he’s afraid of losing his self-preservation instinct (his nurse) and is longing for the feminine and innocent touch.

Watch the short film here:

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Re: New short film about Nick Caves song 'Halleluja'

Beitragvon BlackBetty » Dienstag 22. September 2015, 10:01

Danke für den Link, Moska.
Interessante visuelle Umsetzung des Songs - sehr künstlerisch :wink:
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Re: New short film about Nick Caves song 'Halleluja'

Beitragvon Fluxus » Donnerstag 22. Oktober 2015, 23:16

They're bringing out the dead,
And it's been a long, strange day.
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