The Good Son

von Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds



  • Mute Records, STUMM 76
  • Mute Records, STUMM 46076 (E.C., white lettering)
  • Enigma/Mute 7 75423-2 (US CD)
  • Enigma/Mute 7 75423-4 (US advance promo cassette)
  • Alfa Records ALCB-724 (Japan)
  • Mute/Elektra 60988-2/4 (US)
  • Mute/Intern. INT 146.860 (LP) 846.860 (CD) (Germany)
  • Mute Records, 9015-2 (Canada)
  • RTLJ Radio Televizija Ljubljana (LP/CA Yugoslavia)
Cover von The Good Son
Erschienen: 1990
Medium: LP/CD/CA
Sonstiges: Japanese version has "The Train Song" as extra track. "The Hammer Song" has nothing to do with the one on "Kicking Against the Pricks". The Made in E.C. version has white lettering, others red. Some misprints of the album "Hail" by the band He Said contain the music to The Good Son. Italian version has Italian lyrics included.